2019 has been a great year for Abbey Aziz with two Australian Feature films released. Slam (dir. Partho Sen-Gupta) is currently being screened across Australia as part of the Travelling Film Festival 2019. Next stop is the WA premiere at CinefestOz. In this political-thriller Abbey plays Hanan Faour, an airport grounds employee who’s best friend Amina (played by Danielle Horvat) goes missing. 

The Combination Redemption (dir. David Field) screened across Australian cinemas during February-March and is now available to purchase on DVD or stream via apple iTunes. In this Crime-DramaRomance Abbey plays AMIRA, a psychologist who falls in love with John (played by George Basha) to the disapproval of her family. 

Not shy from comedy either, one of Abbey’s earliest and most enjoyable roles has been playing Mouna in Fadia Abboud’s web series I LUV U BUT. 

Abbey grew up with seven siblings. She fondly recalls growing up glued to the television with her quietly approving father by her side. Little did she know then a seed was being sewn to become the actress she is today. She may have been in front of the box but in her mind she was girl falling head over heels, endearingly – sometimes clumsily – rising up to face mountainous challenges. 

In her work, she too wants to bring people on a touching journey that could change the way they view the world. She wants to move people as she has been moved. Abbey believes in the power of art to create understanding, connection, progress and of course among other things of value - to deeply entertain. 

She loves to collaborate with great visionaries - directors, writers, DOP’s, actors and filmmakers in all aspects of a project. She is grateful to have done this in her work so far and looks forward to growing in this industry. 

Over the years, Abbey has gone from one obsession to the other - music, dance, fine art and acting. Currently, she is trying to wrap her head around quantum physics.